Tricone Rock Bits

DANV tri-cone bit is utilised for blasting holes open-pit mining. Depending on our customer's needs we can offer a variety of different products with IADC from 40 to 80 types, the sizes ranged from 5 5/8" to 16". 

FX Series
OX Series
DX Series
DH Series

Depending on the different formation, specially selected carbide grade with a premium cutting structure design which is balanced while taking the load of the bits, ensures our customers have the best penetration rate in different applications. Four series of DANV rotary bits are designed and manufactured for different drilling scenarios. Please consult with Danv Tools sales representative for the detailed offerings to figure out and match what you exactly need.

DANV's new patent (DH Series) is a hybrid that once the seal fails, the bit reverts to an air bearing product which will extend total bit life. This provides longer rotating hours than typical sealed bearing products.

This new patent is especially effective in tough drilling conditions and hard rock applications such as iron ore where high pulldown is required. This hybrid is also extremely successful for applications with excessive ground water.

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Bit size is determined on site depending on the blasting requirements. The important part is matching the drill bit up with the size of the drill string. There also needs to be the correct annular clearance to get the cuttings out. Without proper clearance, cuttings will not be cleared from the hole which may cause damage to the drill bit.
Air Compressor


It is also important to have an understanding of the compressor capabilities on each particular drill rig because that gives you the bailing velocity.  The bailing velocity clears the cuttings away from the face of the bit. Insufficient or excessive bailing velocity has a direct impact on drill bit efficiency as well as the life of the bit.


It is important for rotary drill bits to be checked regularly - ideally at the end of every shift. If they are a non-sealed bit and they need to be kept clean. Crews should be checking to make ensure that bearings are still rotating freely. (Check that there's no real heating in any of the bearings. Heating can be a sign that there is a blockage in that bearing.)


Following the correct operating parameters will extend the life of a drill bit. This includes the correct weight-on-bit (WOB) and the correct rotation. Make sure that the drill string is matched so that they are getting the air away from the face of the bit.

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A driller sitting in a drill rig is usually monitoring the operation. Conditions can change in a second and that is when adjustments need to be made. Sometimes it will be harder ground that needs to be adjusted to or even softer ground. For instance, softer clay can plug the bit if there is too much weight on the bit so adjustments will be needed to maintain efficiency.