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About Us

Credibility. Dependability. Authenticity and Commitment to excellence.

Danv Tools is a manufacturing and servicing company specialized in rock drilling tools, and products including tri-cone mining bits, and roller cutters. Every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide the highest standard of products and services to our customers. We offer the best product at the best prices.

Our Story

Danv Tools Australia is an Australian company that is servicing the mine and exploration drilling industry. We specialise in rock drilling tool products that include but is not limited to, Tricone rotary mining bits, roller cutters and DTH products.

We are proud to be regarded as a manufacturing leader with every decision inspired by our main mission, which is to save you money through proven results with New products and increased production.

In this rapidly changing Australian industry landscape, we have realised the importance of continually updating our approach to meet clients' cost-saving requirements and are committed to just that.

The support of our research and development department allows us to offer products that guarantee results and save our clients’ money.







Commitment to excellence.

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