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Soldiers & Sirens

Our connections start with our Operations Manager & Director Sam Murphy and our Accounts & Administrations manager Lian Murphy both being ex-defence members. Our involvement as a company to support this amazing charity comes from their passion to ensure that all ex-serving members of all government ADF and Frontline services have access to help when they need it.

The WA Services Cup

This event was designed to aid in raising money for Soldiers and Sirens to ensure they can continue to help as many members as they can.

The idea for the competition was founded by the community is WA Powerlifting and the way it mimics the community founded in the ,ADF and First responders. So we can have an event that not only supports them when they are struggling but builds each other up to achieve something great.

A comp for Veterans run By Veterans!

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Soldiers & Sirens

First responder mental health support, with frontline understanding

 Soldiers & Sirens is a small but hard-working not-for-profit founded by two ex-WA Police officers to address the mental health challenges often experienced by those working in uniform.


Our police, firefighters, paramedics, prison officers and military personnel (both past and present) have witnessed many traumatic events in their daily work, which can take a significant toll on their health, relationships, families, careers and social lives.


For some, it can result in diagnoses such as depression and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Here at Soldiers and Sirens, we provide the psychological knowledge, lived experience from previous service in uniform and compassion to create a safe and uplifting community to ensure we are stronger together.  


We provide trauma-based therapy pathways, peer support from those who have served, along with a series of wellness programs designed to get first-responder participants (and their loved ones) back in physical, emotional and mental shape. 


In short, we've got your six!


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