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DH Series

DH Series

DANV's new patent (DH Series) is a hybrid that once the seal fails, the bit reverts to an air-bearing product which will extend the total bit life. This provides longer rotating hours than typical sealed-bearing products. This new patent is especially effective in tough drilling conditions and hard rock applications such as iron ore where high pulldown is required. This hybrid is also extremely successful for applications with excessive groundwater.

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These bits vary in size depending on ground conditions and client needs.

We make from 6-3/4" (171mm) to 16" (406mm) from hard to soft formation designs.


Top Seller

This is your Product our 715 series has outperformed all others on the market in some of the hardest grounds in the world.

Our design team has become specialists in hard ground technologies with multiple methods of design and understanding.

DH Series Rotary bit

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