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DX Series

DX Series 

DANV's DX Series product is our premium air-bearing product used in soft to hard ground settings. 

Danv tools provide advanced technology products and solutions for the mining, exploration, construction, water well, oil, and gas industries.

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The DX blasthole bits are the latest designs in cutting structure and bearing. The design starts with new head forgings for a larger shirttail surface. The cutting structure includes a tougher gage section and a larger bearing capacity for drilling medium-hard to hard formations, with rock compressive strength ranging from 25,000 to 60,000 psi. Formation drilled may consist of hard shale, limestone, quartzite, slate, and basalt. Designed with the latest technology and manufacturing, Danv Tools rock bits are the next evolution.

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This is your Product Design has made great end ways competing against and with the best bits in the Pilbara area. This bit pushes the envelope of balance between bit life expectancy and toughness.

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