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New Sealed Bearing Invention!

Danv Tools proudly presents the patented Hybrid series of mining bits. These bits utilise our ultra-premium bearing system. The main feature of this system is the pressure compensator. When bits are new, the bearing system is completely enclosed. Internal and external pressures are equalised by the compensator’s spring loaded piston. As the primary seals wear and fail, lubrication is lost and the compensator system directs air through the compensator tubes. The bit’s sealed bearing system then becomes an air cooled bearing system.

Cutting Structure

Our Engineering Team has the capability to use any cutting structure designs (GX and ST Series) and convert the bearing system to the Hybrid Series bearing system.

Simple Ideas

The development of the Hybrid Series takes cost and manufacturing into consideration. Also, the Hybrids offer solutions for difficult drilling conditions. The Hybrid Series bits work best for drilling with high amounts water, drills with low air delivery, and conditions which require increased bearing life.

Hybrid Pressure Compensator Device

The pressure compensator is a simple device which allows the bearing to convert sealed bearing to an air bearing system. The primary function is to compensate for internal pressure variations. When lubrication is lost due to seal failure, air is forced through the two chambers. The piston will move to the final position, allowing air to flow through the bearing system. Installation of the device is simple and essentially replaces the normal air tubes.

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